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  • 10 years of professional engaged in daily ceramics, craft ceramics, glass products OEM/ODM factory.


    Exquisite porcelain plate / exquisite tableware / best pottery set / kitchen plate, selected materials, durable, smooth surface and easy to clean. High quality ceramics, high color and exquisite, enjoy a better life, healthy raw materials, underglaze color, bright color. It can be directly put into the microwave oven and oven for use. It is more convenient to heat, easy to clean and meet your needs. We welcome OEM shape design, color, printing and packaging. Strict quality control system and strong design team to ensure that all our products are of good quality before shipment.

    Household high temperature resistant baking tray Creative ceramic double ear baking tray
    The glaze is smooth and smooth, scratch resistant and impact resistant, double ear type, high temperature resistant and anti scalding. There are two styles, large capacity design. It is suitable for cooking baked rice, baked wings, vegetable and fruit salad, cake, etc. I feel thick when holding it in my hand. I can make a pot of soup and porridge to share with my family. The unglazed design at the bottom plays the role of anti-skid and is intimate and stable. Multi function type, with various styles, to meet the needs of family meals. Simple instrument type, smooth lines, decal design, simple without losing the sense of fashion. Simple and elegant, the vision and taste of dining are satisfied. It can be put into microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet, etc.
    Professional ceramic bakeware  casseroles manufacturers
    The ceramic cooker comprises a side wall and a bottom. The main feature is that a bonding layer is arranged at the bottom of the cooker, and metal powder is sandwiched in the bonding layer.Baking tray, as the name suggests, is to paint on the porcelain plate through the firing process. Chinese baking tray art has a long history, is peerless, and is well-known in the world. After thousands of years of development, the art of baking tray has been handed down from generation to generation. It has become the quintessence of Chinese culture.Baking plate is no longer a proper term of traditional baking plate, it is also a baking plate for meat, bread and so on. Here, let's talk about the barbecue plate. Among them, Korean barbecue plate is especially popular and accepted by everyone. It makes people eat delicious barbecue and healthy at the same timeShenzhen Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, one of the famous ceramic production cities in China. Xiangbo company integrates design, R &amp; D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. The main production of daily ceramics, including high temperature ceramics, medium temperature color glaze ceramics. Xiangbo company has mature product design and development capabilities, providing OEM, ODM services, products exported to countries around the world.
    Transparent glass stockpot with lid glass soup pot
    Simple Nordic double ear glass soup pot, made of high borosilicate glass, crystal clear, not easy to absorb taste and stains. Double ear solid wood handle, metal fixed firmly, strong and durable without rust. Comfortable grip, heat insulation and anti scalding, healthy and environmental protection, no burr and no hand injury. Solid wood top bead, effective heat insulation and anti scalding, durable and easy to hold. The visual pot cover makes it easier to master the heat, the cooking process is clear at a glance, an all-round perspective, and the vent hole balances the pressure in the pot. Cooking, stewing and frying, competent for all roles in the kitchen. Life is half fireworks and half poetry. Hold fireworks and be poetic.
    Colorful ceramic casserole set cheap ceramic casseroles on sale
    The Nordic double ear crown ceramic instant noodles bowl adopts the process of firing underglaze color to isolate food from contact with colored glaze, and will not fade when used. It is made by firing at high temperature. It is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. It is safe and safe to use. Bright glaze color system, full color, smooth feel, easy to clean, no fading, a variety of colors decorate your dining table. No glaze design at the bottom of the bowl, effective anti-skid, stable and safe placement. Large capacity design, increased caliber. The creative crown cover can hold small tableware such as soup spoon, which is convenient to use. Exquisite glaze, delicate and comfortable to hold. Double ear design, anti slip and anti scald design, round hand feel. Visual glass cover, easy to watch the delicious food in the bowl. In the Nordic decoration style home space, decorate some haze colors to give people a gentle and comfortable feeling, simple, elegant, durable and advanced, create a fashionable, light and luxurious life aesthetics for the home, and make the home instantly beautiful to a new height.
    Ceramic animal christmas ornaments dog ornaments
    Creative three-dimensional animal food egg beauty makeup egg rack, small and exquisite, lifelike patterns, people can't put it down. Three dimensional lovely lamb, embossed simulated wool design, smooth and delicate surface, healthy underglaze color technology, health, safety and environmental protection. Dog decorations, semicircular groove design, egg placement is more stable and easy to clean. Whether it's exquisite makeup egg rack or beautiful decorative ornaments, it adds a sense of ceremony to life.
    Nordic storage tank ceramic sealed tank tea can Food storage tank Kitchen storage box
    Ceramic material, smooth and delicate. The gold-plated crown and bamboo cover are matched with a wooden tray, and the pot body is ceramic. They collide with each other and have their own characteristics. It is fired at high temperature, with smooth and thick texture, firm color glaze, no lead and cadmium, safe and healthy. Simple and beautiful lines outline the round mouth of the jar, showing exquisite workmanship. Large caliber tank mouth, convenient for access and cleaning. Wooden pallet storage, saving space, storing all kinds of dry goods, more neat. The bottom treatment makes the tank flat and stable. The table placed in the kitchen can be a landscape, which can make your mood more pleasant. In leisure time, pick up exciting objects to give your family a warmer sense of belonging and show your way of life.
    Kitchenware ceramic condiment box household salt pepper oil tank condiment jar three piece set
    Ceramic seasoning pot set, the combination of iron frame and ceramics, is exquisite, elegant, calm and atmospheric. With the golden iron frame, it adds value to the kitchen and makes cooking full of ritual. Fired at high temperature, the porcelain is delicate and transparent, healthy and environment-friendly, more beautiful and easy to match. Phnom Penh bracket is used with seasoning jar, and the matching is just right. Commonly used seasonings are packed separately. The lid has holes, which is convenient for placing spoons, easy to store and healthy. One pot and one spoonful are used together, and the condiments do not taste. It is round and smooth, with simple design and taste. The texture is clear and natural, and the delicate texture adds a beauty to the plain food and salt.
    Luxury elk ceramic condiment box kitchen condiment jar oil bottle condiment household set storage box
    Nordic luxury elk ceramic seasoning pot set, simple design, elk gilding pattern, ceramic plus bamboo frame, suitable for kitchen storage of various spices, effective dust and odor prevention. Glass material, healthy and environmental protection, no corrosion, no discharge of harmful substances. The press type bottle mouth design, solid and durable glass products, warm, smooth and skin friendly, are more convenient to use, and the discharge is more smooth. The combination of bamboo, wood, glass and ceramics is full of beauty and tacit understanding. Luxury style ceramic seasoning jar, glass oil bottle, and fresh bamboo and wood shelf combination suit can meet the demand in one set, and the oil bottle has good sealing performance, which can be opened with a simple press. The excellent design ensures smooth oil transportation and can handle various solid and liquid condiments.
    Gilded kitchen seasoning box combination suit ceramic seasoning jar glass oil bottle palace luxury seasoning jar
    Light luxury seasoning pot set, fired at high temperature, ceramic and electroplated gold collide with each other, producing different sparks. The press type spout of the oil bottle can be opened immediately after pressing, and can be operated by one hand. It is convenient to use, and can be closed when not in use. It is leak proof and does not hang oil. Convenient handle, prevent sudden sliding, more comfortable to carry. The luxurious golden shelf and the noble and elegant visual sense add vivid colors to the plain life. Lead free glass oil bottle, delicate decals, full style, safe and more assured. The lid of the condiment box is made of food silica gel, which can prevent the flavor of the condiment from volatilizing, becoming damp and caking due to air leakage. The condiment is dry for a long time and is not easy to run off. A variety of patterns and colors can be selected.
    Household double ear dry pot rectangular soup pot with candlestick iron frame Xingyue ceramic soup pot
    Xingyue rectangular double ear soup pot, wandering moon and dense stars come late, matched with iron candlestick. The moon and the stars are hidden in the sky. They are linked by love. The high-temperature glaze color technology is inseparable from porcelain, and it is not easy to break the flowers and the color does not overflow. The porcelain is fine and bright. It is made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature. It feels fine and hard. Big capacity, big caliber, not afraid to eat more than one person. Carefully made, the tray is strong enough to hold heated candles. Candle hole design, stable placement, provides candle insulation and heating for dishes. Ear hanging design, easy to carry, hot food is not easy to burn. The iron frame is beautiful and generous, firm and unshakable. Creative design, optional size to meet daily needs. Two kinds of cover buckles, optional, more convenient to carry, anti overflow vent, exhaust anti overflow. Visible glass cover, master cooking progress at any time, handle design, easy to carry. Scenarios are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.
    ?Creative porcelain square baking tray large colorful ceramic baking plate with two ears for home
    The color rectangular double ear baking tray has a double ear handle design, which is firm and easy to hold and easy to take. It is made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature. Hand polished bottom, more comfortable to use and place. Simple, smooth lines, comfortable hands, delicate porcelain, rich texture, smooth glaze, easy to clean. The baking tray can be used for baking wings, baked rice, pasta, fruit salad, etc. It is simple and fashionable, and the vision and taste are satisfied when eating. Soft lines, moderate size, easy to hold, simple and generous. The glaze is bright, textured, pure and multi-color. The baking three piece set has three sizes, large, medium and small, which can meet different needs, and can be stacked and stored to save space.
    Nordic household round double ear ceramic stripe soup pot kitchen tableware wholesale
    Round double ear striped ceramic soup pot, with delicate porcelain, thick feel, smooth and round lines without hurting hands. The body of the pot is round and full of texture. The double ear covers are dust-proof and heat-insulating, so it is not hot to hold, warm, fresh and sanitary. The lid is dust-proof and can keep delicious food from losing. Non slip bottom for more stable placement. With high appearance value and multi-purpose, you can enjoy delicious happiness with your family. Optional sizes, with fresh Nordic colors, add wonderful colors to your kitchen. You can not only cook soup, but also cook porridge and stew, which will make your life more ceremonial. Buy all kinds of good-looking dishes and dishes, and be busy in the kitchen. But you are in a very good mood. It must be the pleasure brought by the delicious food and beautiful scenery and show the exquisite style.

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